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January 18 - 20 2008

January 18, 2008


Once again most of our Group checked in at Larson's in Gettysburg on Friday night, Chic & Sharon myself (George) and wife (Jeanette) checked in on Thursday.  Most of the group rented the entire Buford, it was a way of having access to the front part of the house also giving us another location to search for lost and captured spirits, primarily to determine why our EMF (Electrometric Frequency) meter was getting such a high reading.  Especially against the one wall in the adjoining suite.  As we joined our friends in the front suite we found out why, there was a refrigerator against that wall.  Ah Ha that is why. 


One of the reasons the four of us decided to arrive earlier was to travel to Sharpsburg Maryland to visit that battlefield, wife and I have never been there before.  Also I was obsessed in locating that Boulder where the bright object was transforming into what I thought was a apparition.  Might I add no success, it's amazing how things always look different in the day time.

Peach Orchard Friends              Peach Orchard Friends              Peach Orchard Friends             Peach Orchard Friends             Peach Orchard Friends       

It was Friday night and everyone settled in their rooms we had already made our plans as to what we were going to do, our time was limited due to the Park closing at 7:00 p.m.  The first set of photo's on this page the above five (5) photo's were taken by my wife as she was standing next to the fence over looking the peach Orchard.  Notice how large our friends were, the large size indicating how close they were to her.  The following three (3) photo's were taken by me, only down a little to where wife took hers.


Orbs In Orchard                   


Most of the orbs in the photo's appear small, in some it is difficult to see but they are there.  The following four (4) photo's were taken across the road from the Orchard.  We were using the Peach Orchard as a meeting place for the rest of the group to join up with us.


Orbs at Devils Den                                 


Our planned stop was at Devils Den, the reason we decided this particular time to go to Devil's Den is the two personal experiences the son of one of the couples had there.  He and a friend was walking down the path from the top, and he felt someone or some thing push against the back of his legs, causing him to lose his balance.  It was fortunate for him that his friend caught him before he fell.  Also another time he felt someone pushing on his shoulder, when he turned to see who was behind him, there was no one there.  The below photo's I took at Devils Den,  some of the Orbs are small but if you look closely you can see them. 


Orbs At Devils Den     Orbs at Devils Den                   



Photograph's Courtesy of



January 19th 2008


It was now Saturday night, I heard that from my friend Carolyn she had the privilege of meeting up with some of the spirits at Pickett's Charge.  I mentioned to the group let's go there for a change.  The following photo's are from the Confederate Monument (Confederate Ave) to Emmitsburg Road.  I didn't get what I was hoping to get, I will have to come back again.  Though I did capture some orbs, they were quite a distance from me.





Sach's Bridge


We came back to Sach's Bridge to try our luck, I did manage to capture a few orbs in a couple of the pictures.  We met up with a fellow who had earlier gone to a physic he brought him back to the 1860's and discovered that he was originally a member of a North Carolina unit and was killed in the Wheat field.  So he drove to the wheat field and took some photo's in the basic area he thought he fought and died in.  We were amazed  to see one photo he took,  it was a mist like figure standing up right in the field with a back pack on, leaning on his musket.  "Oh my god" the image was unbelievable, we could see it as plain as day.  It was an awesome photo.







Larson's (General Lees Headquarters)


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